From desktops and servers, to wireless network infrastructures, and to the integration of remote users, CSP understands the complexities of today’s networks.  We also know how to keep them secure.

CSP designs and implements network security solutions through a combination of on-premise, remote-monitoring, and cloud-driven services.  Our solutions help ensure against potential security breaches, both from inside or outside your organization. Equipped with our expert solutions, your company can identify these threats in real-time and remediate them before damage occurs.

CSP’s experienced staff is also adept at designing security solutions and best practices for regulatory compliance in accordance with HIPAA, PCI, and Sarbanes-Oxley.

Security Assessment

To secure your valuable data, we follow a structured methodology which begins with a thorough assessment of your information systems and current policies and procedures.  Developing a secure network is a continual process as new threats are discovered each day.  Securing a network includes consideration for email, internet, intranet, eCommerce sites, desktops, servers, network infrastructure, as well as user access policies.  We work to protect your network from external attacks, as well as internal employee misconduct and abuse.

Once our assessment is complete, we recommend a solution that takes into consideration current strengths and vulnerabilities, as well as your specific business objectives and budget.

Email Security and Anti-Spam Services

CSP’s cost-effective cloud-based solutions allow businesses to minimize incoming unsolicited spam email.  We also provide internet gateway technologies to scan email attachments and HTTP pages for viruses or malware to prevent them from compromising your network.

Virus and Spyware Protection

CSP offers industry leading solutions to provide protection from new viruses and threats as they are discovered.  Virus protection solutions provide server and desktop virus scanning to prevent viruses from getting onto shared network drives and local desktop drives.

Remote Access Security

CSP ensures remote users have consistently secure access to your network.  We establish virtual private networks that enable secure network access from anywhere over the internet.  We can also deploy file encryption methodologies that secure file transmissions.

Wireless Network Security

CSP ensures your wireless network can only be accessed by authorized wireless users.  We deploy authentication and encryption technologies that prohibit access by unauthorized users.  Our systems grant specific users access to approved data while giving companies the option to limit and designate what guest users can access.  We design all systems to be HIPAA and PCI compliant to ensure your data is absolutely safe.

Intrusion Prevention and Detection

Intrusion (or hacker) detection and prevention is a key function of firewalls and other security solutions.  CSP can deploy packet-filtering technologies that control network access by analyzing incoming and outgoing data. These technologies determine which devices can access your network.  We can also monitor and “lock down” servers and desktop/laptop devices to prohibit evolving threats from erasing or corrupting data, or gaining unauthorized access to your systems.

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