The CSP, Inc. team would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who came out to our “Tailgate Before the Tailgate” event!  It was a great time for everyone involved, and we’re so glad you could be a part of it.

In case you missed it, on Thursday, September 1st, CSP kicked off the beginning of football season and the Labor Day weekend with a “Tailgate Before the Tailgate” party in our front yard.  Our office is located around the corner from Carter-Finley Stadium, so we attracted a lot of fans on their way to the NC State game.  The event was filled with food, beer, games, and plenty of talk of the upcoming season.

The day was a big win for NC State, but we feel it was a win for us, too. Getting to interact with clients outside of an office setting gives us a chance to build a better relationship between our business and yours. We hope this is something we’ll be able to do more of in the future.

Thanks again for your participation!

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