The CSP Team Shares What They’re Thankful For

The CSP staff reflects on what they are grateful for in anticipation of Thanksgiving.

The CSP team is so fortunate to work with a growing network of clients that find value in the services and solutions we offer. We are proud of the work we do and so thankful to have the opportunity to continue our work every day. None of that would be possible if it weren’t for the trust and confidence that our clients place in us.

It’s a time-honored tradition to reflect on what you’re thankful for each year at Thanksgiving. That’s the time when you count your blessings, recognize what you really value and what makes your life better.

This year, we asked our staff members to share what they’re thankful for:

  • Michael B.: “I’m thankful for being able to see my grandsons most every day!”
  • Annabeth G.: “I’m thankful for good health and supportive and caring family and friends.”
  • Margie F.: “I am thankful for family. One of the greatest blessings in life is who you get to share it with. Home Family; Work (CSP) Family; Softball Family; Framily(Friends that become family).”
  • Bill R.: “The ability to work with a great team who always helps each other succeed.”
  • Tommy W.: “I am thankful for my health & family’s health. I am thankful for my first grandchild.”
  • Ian G.: “I am thankful that my immediate and extended family and friends have remained healthy during the pandemic.”
  • Scott F.: “I am thankful for all the little things in life and enjoy them daily. Some of the best things really are free:
    • A kid’s giggle
    • Your mom’s cooking
    • Hugs and smiles
    • Friends and family
    • Good sleep
    • Love and laughter
    • God’s Grace
  • Stephen R.: “The Atlanta Braves winning the World Series!”

We are thankful for the entire CSP team. Over our many decades in business, we have carefully built a capable, enthusiastic staff, each member of which continues to contribute to our clients’ success, as well as to our own. Each and every member of the CSP team should know how thankful we are to have them with us.

We hope you enjoy your holiday weekend—happy Thanksgiving!

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