New Years ResolutionsThe year is ending and the holidays are near. All you can focus on is what needs to get done and what your goals are for the following year. You have plenty on your mind and some of it has to do with financials and expansion. Profits and setting goals to achieve are difficult. Never take your mind off your goals, they are what keeps you profitable.

There is a lot to do and you need to stay focused. First, set goals in a journal, keep a weekly record and note what you are doing to accomplish them. Don’t set goals too high, maybe set a calendar of what profit levels or the amount of services you want to offer by certain dates. Keeping your goals realistic is key, and so is managing them. Here is what NOT to do in 2015:

1.   Ignoring the Budget

Whether you ignore the budget or simply don’t keep track, it’s the wrong thing to do. The economy might be kicking up, but you have to make sure you are not overspending. Overspending on services, including IT support, is a common mistake with business owners. It isn’t hard to let go of budgets, make sure you stick to them and seek out more affordable ways of completing daily tasks or keeping your data secured and backed up.

2.   Overlooking Timelines

Remember the calendar and weekly journal suggestion? It now comes into play by keeping track of where you need to be. Doing so allows you to hold your success accountable. Being able to go over numbers allows you to assign tasks to your staff to make those achievements possible. If you find yourself over performing and making more, train your staff and help others succeed where they have disadvantages. Being proactive and productive will only make your team stronger.

3.   Not Gathering Enough Data

Whether it is needing stats for marketing or knowing how your clients think of you, always need to keep up-to-date data. Statistics can tell you a lot about what you are doing well, where you can improve and what people want to see. Maybe you have new business opportunities in a neighboring city or the need for an online store. People’s opinions matter, and they will tell you what they will spend their money on.

4.   Do it all yourself

From your IT problems to your marketing efforts, it’s not always safe to do it all yourself. You have a business to run and, without your full attention, it may slip. It’s easier to fall than it is to rise, so focus on moving up and not bogging yourself down. Your IT support can be handed off to a local company like ours. Knowing your IT solutions and preventing attacks is their specialty. With the proper managed services, you don’t have to worry about downtime and loss of data. Local backups and basic internet security protection can leave holes, cause problems and are not reliable. Give your IT support experts a call to find out how they can be your IT so you don’t have to do it all yourself.

5.   Buy a better computer chair

So you might want one, but do you need one? If you need one because you plan on sitting in it more, that’s a bad idea. Get out of your chair and be directly involved with your business. Focusing on paper rather than your customer base will leave you behind with trends and ideas. If it is your programs keeping you behind, try asking an IT consultant on what you can do to lower your desk-time. Our team knows efficiency like it is everybody’s business, and they can handle it. Having the right managed services means being productive and less time worrying about your files and security. Let your employees do their work and focus on your team. Leave the IT support to us.

Having the proper IT support will make your productive by giving you the right tools and the time to focus on your needs. Don’t get behind in your work and seek out opportunities to make profits. Give us a call today and have the workload shifted off your shoulders. We can be reached by phone or email. Don’t miss out on any more opportunities, start with this New Year’s resolution.

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