Using Microsoft Teams? Try Out These Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts

Any given application you use likely has some features of which you may not be aware. Learning to use them can vastly improve your user experience. Are you sure you know about every feature Microsoft Teams has to offer?

The more you know about the software you use every day, the more productive and effective you will become while you’re using it.

Case in point: if you and your staff are going to use Microsoft Teams every day, then you would certainly benefit from knowing more about it, right?

Discover a range of simple and helpful tips for becoming a more efficient Microsoft Teams user in our latest webinar:

15 Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts In Microsoft Teams

Try these tips next time you’re using Microsoft Teams:

  1. Access keyboard shortcuts by pressing “CTRL + .”
  2. Navigate quickly between tabs by pressing “CRTL + #” (1 for activity, 2 for chat, etc.)
  3. Change your status by clicking your profile picture in the top right-hand corner, and choosing the appropriate option from the drop-down menu under your name.
  4. Using the command box at the top of the Microsoft Teams window allows you to search for contacts, the content of your conversations, the titles of files, and more.
  5. You can use “/” to access a list of different types of information — e.g. “/mentions” and “/whatsnew”, or “/available” to change your status, etc.
  6. You can use “@” to search by specific people, as well as different topics, such as “@weather” or “@news”.
  7. As a manager, you can select the “…” to the right of a team name in the menu and access management options, allowing you to change the team name, modify membership, and more.
  8. Press “CTRL+SHIFT+F” to open a search bar, allowing you to find users, files, and more.
  9. If you mistype a message, you can edit it after the fact by clicking the “…” at the right hand of the text field and updating it with any corrections that need to be made.
  10. If you need to keep a discussion private from certain team members, you can add a private channel — do so by clicking the “…” at the right end of the team channel, selecting “Add Channel”, and choosing the appropriate selection under “Privacy”.
  11. You can set a file as a tab by selecting “Make this a tab” in the list of options under “…” for a given file.
  12. You can survey your team members by adding a poll — do so by starting a new conversation and selecting “Forms” under the “…” menu.
  13. You can switch to “dark mode” by selecting it under Settings in your profile menu.
  14. You can save and review messages by selecting “Save this message” under the “…” menu for the message in question.
  15. You can pin an important conversation by selecting “Pin” under the “…” menu for a given chat.

These are all examples of the many simple features included in a program you use every day that you might not have been aware of. By taking a few minutes to learn about it, you’ve become a more effective and efficient user.

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