PC protection has been the standard for some time now – our computers store corporate data, important files, and sensitive information, so we protect them.

Mobile Computing

Why aren’t many businesses covering themselves from all angles?

Mobile devices today have equal access to company information, and they’re at even greater risk of breaches due to use of public Wi-Fi, multiple downloaded apps from third party locations, and the frequency at which they’re lost and stolen.

Something as seemingly simple as a maleware breach can result in company contacts leaking and huge loss of revenue – not to mention several unhappy and now untrusting clients. Criminals have targeted multi-million dollar companies for access to emails, data and contacts in several cases, and your best bet for safety could be better protection of devices.

Look out For Your Business

If you’re implementing BYOD (bring your own devices) throughout your business, there’s no doubt you’ll see many benefits. It’s extremely helpful to allow employees to work from multiple locations, collaborate with one another, and always have access to data – but without anti-virus, anti-malware and lost device protection, your company could be seriously at risk. Not to mention too many people are relying on weak passwords to lock their devices.

A choose your own device (CYOD) environment will help to reduce the variety of devices being managed as you’d only allow employees to pick from devices provided by your business. Even in that case you’ll need a mobile security policy for proper protection.

Lost Devices

Losing devices that store company data has become a major problem since data went mobile. Does your organization have authority to wipe a device if it’s been lost or stolen?

Managing BYOD

Your best bet for protection is to install a single mobile security solution on all devices. It should enforce password use, have tracking capability, and include visibility of security status. A cloud-based mobile security management solution will likely meet your requirements – they provide up-to-date real-time security with minimal performance impact on device resources. Some solutions also include what is known as containerization of information – separating personal from business data, so if a device is lost or stolen, only business data is lost during a wipe.

Take Mobile Threats Seriously

Mobile malware is increasing at alarming rates, meaning your company is more at risk now than ever. Protecting your corporate data is essential, and following some easy steps can help you secure your data and keep your business protected.

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