Outsourcing your IT can be one of the smartest moves you do. Technology is truly one of the most important aspects of your business – it holds all of your confidential information within its confines and allows you to collaborate with others with ease. And it’s crucial you keep that technology safe and reliable to maintain the success of your business.

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It can be quite intimidating when you think about the technical aspect of your business, on top of everything else you handle on a day-to-day basis. But there are questions you should be asking your IT department, and they should be able to answer your questions directly.

These questions can help you feel more comfortable with the IT company you have hired, and they can also provide a little insight on what is going on with your IT behind closed doors. You want nothing but the best for your business; and it’s important to know that is exactly what you are getting.

Here are some key questions you must ask

Security Strategy:

  • When was our last risk assessment done?
  • Who manages our firewalls and how often are they updated?
  • How are we managing passwords and how frequent should we change them?
  • How will you protect my business against ransomware?
  • If we get hit by a virus, could you find out where it originated and what it infected?
  • If a disaster were to strike our area, what resources would we have access to?
  • If you use tape backups, are they encrypted?

IT Infrastructure:

  • Which aspect of IT does my business use the most?
  • Which standard apps should my employees use on their smartphones?
  • Are we still relying on any outdated technology?
  • How often are you performing updates?
  • Are your technicians receiving ongoing training?

Business Continuity Strategy:

  • Where are our customer records stored?
  • How do you backup our data and how often is it backed up?
  • Do you maintain an offsite backup? And what is it?
  • Are power system backups in place?

You don’t want to learn the answers to these questions when it’s too late. You need an IT provider that makes sure you know what’s happening with your technology at all times.  We encourage our clients to ask all the questions they need – and we also provide the answers to questions they might not have even thought of.

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