Cisco Umbrella Enhanced End-Point Security for Today’s Cyber Threats

Cisco Umbrella is one of the most effective forms of IT security because it provides a layered approach to protection—Exactly what you need for today’s cyber threats.

As a result, Cisco Umbrella has grown into the largest DNS-query security tool in the world.  Why? — For 3 simple reasons:

  1. Hackers are moving towards web-based infection mechanisms.

In the past email was the biggest attack vector, now it’s the Web. For example, ransomware can get into your environment via email and malicious attachments. It’s one of the biggest problems on the web right now.

Users are clicking links or “malvertising” in websites that download malicious files behind the scenes without them knowing it.  (Malvertising uses hijacked images to target small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) and others. The advertisement looks real, but when you click it, your computer gets infected.)

Social media is “Ground Zero” for these exploits, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  It may be as simple as a posted photo and comment from someone saying: “Click here to check out my dog skateboarding!”  Even if there’s no malicious threat embedded in the link, clicking it can open a door for criminals to gain access to your environment.

Most businesses leverage an email security platform to scan attachments and look for malicious links.  This isn’t enough. 

At least 27 percent of the Alexa 1000 websites deliver malware via malicious advertisements.

  1. Remote users and distributed applications require different protections. When IT first came about, it was built around a single physical space: The critical infrastructure, business applications and workplace desktops. Today, everything has changed, but security hasn’t. Now you have roaming laptops that people take everywhere, you have critical infrastructures and business applications in the cloud.  No longer is everything within one physical space that’s easily protected.

By 2018, 25% of corporate data traffic will bypass perimeter security.

  1. Signature-based solutions (like anti-virus, anti-malware, firewall and IPS) don’t do enough. They do block against certain threats and commoditized malware, and they’re based on signatures and heuristics (the latest Trojan viruses, etc.) — However, these tools are only effective against 30-50% of current security threats! 

Cisco Umbrella protects your endpoints from all these threats and more.  With it, you can reduce the risk of ransomware crippling your business.

Remember, security is all about managing risk through layers. 

Cisco Umbrella:

  • Queries worldwide DNS databases, NOT signatures.
  • Provides End-Point Protection and works on or off your network.
  • Locks all DNS queries and contains attacks.

It prevents malware by protecting users across the full infection chain, blocks sites with exploit kits at the network layer, protects users from phishing attacks, and blocks malicious links in emails and applications.

It contains infections by blocking malware, stops spyware and keyloggers from uploading data, and prevents ransomware from getting an encryption key.

How Cisco Umbrella is different from other security solutions:

  • It’s built into the foundation of the Internet (monitoring all traffic across the Internet)
  • It has the intelligence to see attacks before they’re launched.
  • It provides visibility and protection everywhere.

Cisco Umbrella watches your traffic patterns to protect you 24/7.  No wonder there are:

  • Over 80 billion requests per day.
  • 65 million daily active users.
  • 12,000 enterprise customers in 160+ countries worldwide.

Don’t wait until your business in or around Raleigh gets hit with a costly ransomware virus. For a demonstration, or more information about the CISCO Umbrella, contact Stephen Riddick, VP of Sales and Marketing at: 919-424-2019 or 

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