What’s Wrangling Business Computer Systems and Delivering IT Services in Raleigh Like? – It’s Like Raising Teenagers

I was sitting in my backyard working on my laptop, trying to ignore the splashing and racket of my teens and their friends in the pool. It was the first nice day of the summer, and everyone wanted to be outside – so naturally, we had to share the space.

It caught my attention, however, when one of the less bright friends of my teenage son said, “I wonder if we can dive off the roof?”

Yeah, that’s when I spoke up.

When I went back to my laptop and work, I thought, “If only teenagers could be managed like technology.”

It was then I realized that there are a lot of similarities between delivering IT Services here in Raleigh and raising teenagers.

#1 – Both Teens and Technology Have a Tendency to go Haywire

Now I don’t mean to be mean here… We were all there once, right? But let’s face it, the parent/guardian is the voice of reason in a teenager’s life. Without that voice saying, “Be careful. Don’t do that. Watch out,” it’s hard to tell what a teenager would get themselves into.

Technology is no different. Business leaders know that you can’t just set up your IT systems once and walk away. They need consistent maintenance to keep from going haywire, causing downtime, and costing the business money.

#2 – Both Teens and Technology Can Frustrate You When They Aren’t Adequately Supervised

We’ve all been frustrated at one time or another by someone else’s teenager. (It’s never ours, right?) We say to ourselves, “If that was my kid…” Well, you can fill in the rest.

Generally, they’re not bad kids. In fact, we have some of the best young people and some of the best future leaders of the country right here in Raleigh.

But let’s tell it like it is. If a teenager is away from their parent’s supervision, well, their behavior can sometimes frustrate the life out of friends and onlookers alike.

When it comes to the IT systems of Raleigh businesses, the story is the same. Without supervision (we call it management, maintenance, and operational monitoring) the IT systems of companies like yours can slow down and break down – frustrating your employees as they try to get their daily tasks accomplished.

#3 – Both Teens and Technology Have Inherent Security Vulnerabilities

In my day, my mother would want to know where we were going, who we were going with, and when we’d be home. Now that cell phones have suddenly appeared attached to the hand of nearly every teenager in America, they have become the tool that many parents rely on to stay in touch with their teens – assuring themselves that their young people are safe.


  • Because bad things can happen.
  • Because there are bad people in this world that want to do harm.
  • Because circumstances can come up quickly that change the game altogether.

Keeping tabs on our teens only make sense. It’s for their protection.

So let me ask you this question.

Who is keeping tabs on your business IT environment?

IT systems have as many – or more – security concerns as teenagers wandering around downtown by themselves.

  • Hackers
  • Ransomware
  • Malware
  • Data Theft
  • Adware
  • Spyware

The list of dangers that face a company doing business online seems to grow each month.


Because bad guys – criminals, cyber-criminal syndicates, rogue states – want to steal your money and your company’s data. Sometimes, they don’t even want to steal anything. They just want to do harm.

The solution to your IT system’s vulnerabilities is the same as the solution you have put in place for your teen’s protection. Hiring a company like CSP Inc to monitor your IT systems 24/7 and to respond to small issues before they become big problems is a step forward in keeping yourself, your business, your clients, and your investment safe.

#4 – Both Teens and Raleigh Businesses Function Best if Help is Local and Fast

You know what I’m going to say here… There’s a reason that you ask your neighbor to “keep an eye” on your property while you and your wife go on that anniversary cruise and leave the teens home to fend for themselves.

Sure, they’re good kids.

They can feed themselves, and now that one is driving, they can get themselves back and forth to school and soccer practice.

But still, you give the emergency contact information to the neighbor just in case.

You tell your teens, “If there’s any problem, go over to Wilson’s place.”


Because someone here in Raleigh is much more likely to be able to assess and handle an emergency on your property than someone across the state or around the world.

In our technologically advanced day, there is a lot that can be done with remote management, maintenance, and monitoring of Raleigh business IT systems. These remote IT services make life simpler for the client and more efficient for the IT services provider. But there are those times when you need an IT support professional at your facility in a hurry.

That’s why you hire a Raleigh-based IT services company like CSP Inc.

Sure, we do all the remote management, maintenance, and monitoring. (That keeps our technicians out of your employee’s hair while they are trying to get their work done.) But we don’t hesitate when you need us to roll a truck to your location and have a technician on site. That’s when having an IT services company right here in Raleigh really pays off.

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