CSP Sponsors 2022 HFTP Conference

The CSP, Inc. team is a proud sponsor of the 2022 HFTP Conference, helping bring members of the hospitality industry together.

The CSP team is once again serving as a sponsor for the annual Hospitality Finance and Technology Professionals (HFTP) Regional Conference. This year’s HFTP Conference will take place from February 23, 2022–February 25, 2022 at the Francis Marion Hotel in Charleston, South Carolina.

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Why Does CSP Choose To Sponsor HFTP?

CSP, Inc. has been providing managed IT service and support to North Carolina business owners for over two decades.

Our team is committed to taking advantage of every opportunity to connect and collaborate with industry leaders. Not only to help empower business professionals with strategic IT resources but also to learn and help enrich the local business community for all players.

The hospitality sector is a big part of the business world and relies heavily on IT. We’re proud to have delivered expertise to many hospitality clients over our time in business. The event will bring together HFTP industry players for three days of professional education, development, and networking.

How Does CSP Support The Hospitality Sector?

Hoteliers, country clubs, and other members of the hospitality industry today often face severe challenges when using technology to achieve the best possible guest experience.

Room comforts, access, security, convenience, and amenities are all tied together by computers and data, but with so many different solutions and vendors available in the market, it can be difficult to cobble different systems together while trying to keep them all running.

CSP, Inc. is here to help.

As experienced partners of a number of businesses in the hospitality industry, and proud sponsors and members of the HFTP association, we are here to provide clients with the IT solutions needed to overcome the obstacles their business deals with every day.

What Does CSP Offer Members of The Hospitality Industry?

  • Wireless Support and Solutions for wait staff to ensure they can best serve your clients with convenient and user-friendly tablets.
  • 24/7 Systems Performance Monitoring to keep your IT in optimal shape.
  • Reliable Helpdesk Support to quickly address any issues or concerns as they arise.
  • Regular IT Business Reviews to help you align your business strategy and budgeting processes with the latest technology.

CSP Is A Committed Partner To The Hospitality Sector

The CSP team is proud to be sponsoring this event and is eager to hear directly from industry professionals about shared challenges and goals. It is through opportunities like this that CSP continues to align tech solutions with the goals of business owners to drive success.

If you’re interested in what we can do for you, don’t wait until the conference to talk to us—get in touch with our team right away.

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