For many companies, the roll-out of work-from-home technologies was a blur: People dusted off old disaster recovery plans or quickly spun up new technology to allow employees to work remotely. With work-from-home quickly becoming the new normal, it’s now important to take a step back and analyze this technology.

· What’s working?

· Where do you have gaps?

· Is your security posture sufficient?

· How can you give your employees better work from home experiences?


CSP has seen companies address these needs in a plethora of different ways. Below are the top three ways we have seen our clients enhance their work from home technology:


1) Cloud-based productivity suites, such as Microsoft Office 365 or Dropbox Business.

These solutions allow your users to chat, collaborate on documents in real-time, share files, and stay connected with video conferencing. A lot of companies may have Office 365, but are not using the entire suite (or are not properly licensed). Whether it’s an upgrade or simply training on how to use features, such as Microsoft Teams, we are seeing companies embrace these new forms of collaboration.

2) Laptops.

There are substantial security risks with having employees set up a VPN connection from an unmanaged, home PC into a corporate network. While LogMeIn provides a better option, there are still some security risks. The most secure, most reliable, and easiest option for an employee is to deliver corporate-owned laptops that are being monitored, patched, and secured.

Although supply chain strains limited laptop availability a few weeks ago, we are beginning to see greater availability.

3) Hosted Phone System.

Forcing an antiquated phone system into a work-from-home environment has been one of the most common complaints from clients. Simply, there’s not a good way to address this issue. A hosted solution, on the other hand, leverages the internet and can be accessed from anywhere, on any device. There are smartphone apps, PC plug-ins, or a user can even take his or her physical phone home and plug it in. Finally, the cutting edge video conferencing is a great perk.

Our preferred partner, 8×8, is currently offering great promotions to help people make this move.


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