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CSP, Inc. understands that the best Raleigh IT company for your business delivers results as well as measurable ways to track them. Contact us today.  

To get the most out of your Raleigh IT Company, you must first evaluate their current contributions. You have limited funds to commit to IT, so it’s important to know where every dollar goes. For example, IT managed service providers should deliver value, such as:

  • Minimizing downtime of critical IT systems
  • Resolving issues promptly
  • Shielding your business from breaches and lost data
  • Implementing new technologies that increase productivity
  • Leveraging technology to achieve business objectives
  • Freeing internal resources to focus on their day-to-day priorities

Is Your Raleigh MSP Is Worth Keeping?

Just as you would evaluate a valued employee, you need to review the performance of your Raleigh IT company on an annual basis. Here are four signs you need to shop around:

  1. There Are Ongoing Performance Issues: Failures will occur in complex IT systems. When they do, your MSP should respond quickly to resolve the problem. You chose your provider based on promises outline in your contract. Are they living up to the agreed-to SLA? You should worry if your Raleigh IT company doesn’t consistently meet the demands of your organization or multiple systems are failing regularly.
  2. You’re Experiencing a Lack of Transparency: A mature service provider wants you to understand what you’re paying for. You don’t have to be an IT whiz to get a general sense of where your money is going. As a matter of fact, it’s part of a reputable Raleigh IT company’s job to promote a sense of transparency. When your IT provider acts as a partner, they become more than a cost center and add value to your organization.
  3. Deliverables Aren’t Made Clear: Does your MSP deliver a list of deliverables with updated statuses regularly? This dovetails with the need for transparency. Projects should be set up to reflect tangible goals and clear endpoints. For example, a monthly report enumerating the number of backups with success rates helps you feel confident that your provider is getting things done.
  4. There’s No Continuous Improvement: You hire an MSP for two kinds of engagements. They may oversee day-to-day tasks or take on long-term projects. You need a way to measure their performance on both types of work. Even if your needs don’t change dramatically, the MSP should deliver value by offering suggestions for improvement. If your system remains stagnant, what are you paying an expert for? An MSP that delivers services acts more like an employee, while an MSP that pushes needed changes shows the kind of passion and foresight needed to maintain robust, efficient and secure systems.

What Questions Should You Ask a Managed IT Service Provider?

When you decide to look around for an MSP that delivers more value to your organization, you should compile a list of questions to help you determine which one has the expertise to provide the support you need. Many of the questions will pertain to your specific environment and industry. In addition, consider adding the following to your master list:

  • Can you help me understand the services you provide? Ideally, the contract is clear enough for a substantive conversation. If not, there may be an issue with transparency.
  • How do you measure a completed delivery? This question should lead to what reports and updates are going to be available. It also speaks to how well the MSP measures its own accountability.
  • What do you do to maximize uptime and guarantee responsiveness to emergencies? There are several great answers to this question. First, they should mention automation that allows your system to make self-corrections. Second, how they structure their support teams impacts how quickly they can respond to incident reports.

What Is the Best Raleigh IT Company?

CSP, Inc. understands that the best Raleigh IT company for your business delivers results as well as measurable ways to track them. The best MSP consultants add value to your system and speak plainly in person and in writing. Contact us today to ensure you’re getting value for your money and a true IT partner.

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