CSP COVID-19 Update #7, May 4th

While the COVID-19 pandemic may not be over, across the country, shelter-in-place orders are relaxing, and plans are in process to dictate how businesses can reopen and get their staff members back to work.

As our national dialogue pivots to conversations around reopening strategies, we are doing the same at CSP. Today’s update will provide some reminders on our current status as well as thoughts for what lies ahead.

How Will We Be Delivering Services?

Fortunately, our technology has allowed for a relatively seamless transition to work-from-home at CSP. While call volume was up over 100% as clients shifted their operations, our support model remained consistent. We appreciate your patience as we worked through these tickets. While ticket volume is still higher than usual, we are confident we have found a good rhythm in this “new normal.”

As a reminder, some of our current policies as it relates to work-from-home are as follows:

  • Prioritizing Remote Support – While we are deemed an essential business, for the safety of our team, we are attempting to handle as many tickets as possible remotely.
  • On-Site for Critical Issues Only – CSP will continue to provide on-site support only for critical issues that they cannot remotely address. If there is a work-around for a problem that adequately maintains user productivity, CSP requests deference of the on-site visit.
  • On-Site Guidelines – If an on-site visit is required, we are promoting the following guidelines:
    • Limit engagement to a single point-of-contact.
    • Maintain social distancing of six feet – even if working on a PC.
    • Request the user to “wipe down” his or her keyboard, mouse, printer, etc., BEFORE our engineer touches it.
    • Visits to smaller spaces such as network closets or server rooms must be limited to one person in the room at a time.
    • Utilize personal protective equipment such as a mask.

What’s Next?

CSP will continue to monitor changes in the virus’s trajectory and rely on guidance from the experts. Fortunately, based upon the success of our current model, we do not anticipate rushing into a “business as usual” scenario. Instead, we will most likely tweak the current approach in a fashion that promotes both safety and service.

Please do not hesitate to contact your CSP account manager or reach out if you have any questions or concerns. We are in this together and are happy to identify the optimal response jointly. Our objective remains consistent: to provide a premier customer service experience. Whether it is remote or in person, our dedication to making sure your business remains operational and efficient is our priority.

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